The ULTIMATE Extreme Fitness facility in the area! 3000 sq. ft of hardcore training equipment for the most
dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts! 6 station RIG for Benching, Squatting, and many other Olympic-bar movements. Large area for Cleans, Shrugs, and other Olympic lifts. 5000lbs of bumper plates! Two huge Turf areas for sports-specific training with sleds, ladders, cones, battle ropes, and other props to use. A boxing area with multiple heavy bags to 200lbs, Muay Thai punching bag, dodge speed bag, two speed bag platforms, and even a timer! Tractor tires, Smash Balls to 30lbs, Kettle Bells, climbing ropes, Plyo Boxes, foam rollers, TRX, and so much more!














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