We realize you will likely have questions related to our re-opening from the Corona-virus pandemic. We are following guidance received by the state authorities, and will try to answer questions. The below can change daily so check back. The below mandates apply to all locations.

We are committed to keeping our members, staff, and our friends in the community safe. Following the below guidelines will help assure we all do our part to remain not only fit, but safe & healthy too! We all understand that the risk of COVID-19 exposure remains in any public place where people are present. While we are attempting to follow CDC and state-mandated guidelines and enhanced health and safety measures, COVID-19 remains an extremely contagious disease. You must follow all posted instructions while visiting our facilities. Health experts recommend that you avoid touching your face because it can potentially protect you from infection. While the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is believed to be spread mostly by inhaling droplets released when an infected individual coughs or sneezes, these droplets can also land on surfaces. If you touch an infected surface with your hand and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth — which are also entryways for viruses into your body — you could potentially become infected and get sick. Don't touch your face until after throughly washing your hands first!
Our Senior members or those with underlying medical conditions must remain vigilant as you could be especially vulnerable.
You voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 when visiting Club Fitness locations.


The State of Connecticut has reinforced mask guidelines for fitness centers, through at least 1/19/21. A mask, covering your nose and mouth, MUST BE WORT AT ALL TIMES throughout the facility, including in the locker rooms, and at least SIX feet of distance must be maintained between you and other guests at all times. You may only temporarily pull your mask down when you are actively drinking, or for a few seconds after vigorous exercise, but when doing so, TWELVE feet of distance must be maintained from any other guest! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON, MEDICAL OR OTHERWISE. IF YOU CANNOT WEAR A MASK FOR WHATEVER REASON, YOU CANNOT USE THE CLUB.
Occupancy limits are reduced to 50%. Actual limits will vary by location. If we need to deny entry based on capacity, members will not be allowed to wait inside the club or in lobby areas. Classes, where available, will be limited to just 25% capacity.

Distancing must be followed. Members must maintain at least SIX feet between themselves and any other person AT ALL TIMES, including those you come to the gym with. Spotting another member is not permitted!

For Personal Training, we will adhere to the required SIX feet of distancing during one-on-one sessions, eliminate any physical contact, and masks will be required for both trainer and the member. For vigorous activities where a mask may difficult to wear, the trainer will assure 12 feet of distance is maintained from all persons so the member can remove their mask during that activity.
Acrylic barriers are installed at all our our front desk counters at both the check-in and sale terminals. We ask that you refrain from lengthy discussions with staff when not related to your account or a purchase.

All members will check-in at the front desk using their scan card to maintain a touch-less check-in. You will certify that you are healthy, and read and agree to our posted assumption of risk and wavier of liability.

Check-In to the club, either by scanning your card or asking staff to check you in, is your acknowledgment that you are healthy and that you accept those terms.
Members will receive their own spray bottle and one cleaning cloth upon entry and are asked to disinfect the surfaces on any equipment used during their workouts. Cleaning bottles and cloths will be returned when you leave. Bottles will be sanitized and cloths will be laundered with bleach before re-use. Non-Touchless paper towel dispensers will not be available.
Hand Sanitizer dispensers will be available in most areas.
The gym floor and cardio areas will be available for use. Certain equipment may be blocked from use to allow for 6 feet of distancing. Try keeping at least one machine or bench between you and another member.

Saunas will remain closed. Certain lockers will be blocked to maintain 6 foot distancing. Members with assigned lockers will self-distance as required. Showers may not be available in all clubs at this time.
Water fountains will be closed off. Bottle filing stations may be used where available. You must bring your own water bottles and fill those bottles with ice and water at home. Staff will not handle your personal items nor will they provide cups of water or ice. Regular bottled water will be available for purchase.
Shake Bars will be limited to only pre-packaged products and sealed drinks found in the refrigerators. We will not be making any shakes until guidance changes.
All facilities will close earlier than usual to allow for additional cleaning and sanitization. Staff may ask you to complete your workouts and exit the club so staff can complete all these tasks. Please follow their instructions and help them out by leaving at the requested time.